“From the word go, with no prior knowledge of our diverse repertoire, David was able to attack our pieces and accurately pin point what we need to improve on both in terms of singing and delivery. I would strongly recommend his talent to any choir wanting to up their game.”
Brian Lee, Musical Director, Stellar Singers

“David’s musical talents are obvious. Whether it is concert bands, orchestras or choirs, David’s musicianship and knowledge is invaluable. However, more important to me is David’s value as a work colleague. He is a man of huge integrity and empathy, and his enthusiasm and ability to motivate our students is priceless.”
Raewyn James, Former HOD Music, Westlake Boys High School

“It was a tough call – my choir rehearsal time is so precious, and had already been eroded due to various school events this year. Choir is Friday mornings, so attending this workshop would have meant missing yet another session. Happily a compromise was reached and resulted in the best possible outcome – the morning at David Squire’s very informative and entertaining workshop and a rescheduled choir session when I got back to school – armed with fresh ideas. On my return I was fired up and ready to go, and we had the best session we had had all year – they had never been so focussed – even though it was 2 pm on Friday! Testament surely to the idea that it is what we bring to our rehearsals that get reflected back to us.

David took us through a range of choral issues, such as choosing the repertoire, correct posture, vowel placement, phrasing and interpretation to name but a few, all delivered with practical examples and funny anecdotes along the way. A skilled and experienced choral practitioner, it is easy to see why David is in such demand as a musical director. Close to my heart was his emphasis on the importance of giving the music you choose a context, to visit extremes in rehearsals, and most of all to keep it fun but also expect the best. The workshop was a rare opportunity to mix and mingle with musical colleagues and engage in some dialogue about this thing that we all do. Thank you NZCF for an enjoyable and informative morning. I want to go back to high school and be in David Squire’s choir. I think it would be a blast.”
Mary Cornish, Bayfield Primary School choir director (review of NZCF Kids Sing workshop 2010)

“The most memorable moment was when the Westlake Symphony Orchestra spread itself over the stage and began a stunning performance from one of the hardest scores written by one of this century’s most difficult composers – a score that professional orchestras have to work mightily at to conquer: the Firebird Suite by Stravinsky. During the soft cradle song at the end you could have heard a pin drop. One of the cellists couldn’t help smiling through the concentration of her playing. Something inside had told her that this would always be one of the great moments in her life, and everyone in the hall was sharing it. Needless to say, having conquered the music and captured the audience, those players also won the prize. More importantly, they also learned a lot about the power that a long-prepared, highly polished and utterly dedicated musical performance can have over themselves and others. At the end, everyone feels changed. The government may be right in pushing the Knowledge Economy to make the country prosperous. But if last Saturday’s concert is anything to go by, it’s performance artistry that makes it grow.”
Heath Lees, NZ Herald, 28th August 1999 (review of KBB Music Festival)

“David has worked with our vocal students for the past 4 years. He relates well to secondary students of all ages and abilities who appreciate his warm personality and his outstanding vocal skills and knowledge. We are able to discuss vocal and choral repertoire with him at great length and his expertise and understanding of such a large variety of choral styles is extensive. At vocal workshops before concerts that we have held,  David  is able to make great improvements to the sound of our choir in a short space of time and students have thoroughly enjoyed their vocal experience with him. We are most fortunate to still be able to have David come and work with us in our department despite his popularity and demand as a choral educator throughout New Zealand.”
Hadley Ronayne, HOD Music, Long Bay College

“The Panache choir from Verdon College in Invercargill spent a day and a half being tutored by David last year. What a wonderful experience for us all, tutors and choir members. David has it all – vast knowledge of the voice and repertoire, a great personality and the ability to impart his knowledge to the choir and making it fun at the same time! The workshop was well paced and the kids knew they had made great progress. Thank you so much!”
Di Lenihan, choir director, Verdon College

“David has proved himself to be a highly successful choral conductor in the New Zealand Choral Federation’s ‘The Big Sing’ with regional and national awards confirming this. His recent appointment as Music Director for the N.Z. Youth Choir has been an endorsement of this also. Anyone listening to the Westlake Symphony Orchestra cannot help but be impressed by the mature performances given by such young musicians. The secret? David combines a depth of personal music knowledge and sensitivity with an ability to connect with young people – to get them on-side, to have fun and to work until they reach great heights.”
Olive Leddy, NZCF Auckland chair


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